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Thank you for visiting All Things Labels! is brought to you by Cruz Label, the leading source of custom-made woven labels, hang tags, synthetic and organic labels for manufacturers, designers, and distributors of clothing, textiles, furnishings, fashion accessories, and even automotive interiors. We are committed to delivering the same high quality labels and patches with modern and stylish designs that fit your family's everyday needs.

Our woven label division caters to one of the largest companies in the garment and fashion industries. Many companies and people have been asking us to provide them with our high quality custom woven labels in a smaller scale and now with we can finally assist those who are in need of professional garment labels with a very low minimum and price.

The personalized woven labels you find currently in the market are actually printed labels on textile, low quality damask or taffeta labels and overpriced with very long turnaround time. gives you excellent professional quality 50denier damask labels customized with your name in a turnaround time of 10-14 days!
Our stock care labels and size labels for clothing are ready to ship immediately and you will be surprised at the quality difference from other companies. We have high standards on all our woven labels and our custom labels are only for people who expect the best.
Everyone can add a little color and excitement to their clothes, cards, announcements, stationery, scrap books and more with labels and patches. If you would like more information or have any suggestions, please send us your questions or comments as we always welcome new ideas.